Este es el problema de tener a egresados de literatura o semiótica desempleados escribiendo en revistas de música online sobre hip hop:

These are the immeasurably lofty stakes Kanye deals in on Yeezus, his sixth solo album. His intensity here has a heightened desperation as he howls into the void, but the Chicago native has always been beguiled by the view from above. Take “Jesus Walks”, where he references another Psalm while gasping from on high: “I walk through the valley of the Chi where death is/ Top floor, the view alone will leave you breathless.” Then, on “POWER”, he contemplates leaping out of the penthouse, “letting everything go.” In a way, Yeezus is the panicked sound of that ensuing free-fall, a rush of angst and despair with absolutely nothing left to lose.

Más cosas como esa en la reseña de Pitchfork al nuevo disco de Kanye West.

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