Jad y Robert de Radiolab sobre Ira Glass y la influencia de This American Life:

RK: First off, Ira’s show was, is, and has continued to be, a generation-definer. So many people who have become cultural icons, David Sadaris, Dave Eggers, Dan Savage, Sarah Vowell, and on and on and on, took big bows on his show…and the thing is, he noticed them early. That’s a rare skill – to display a generation as it’s blossoming. That’s one thing Ira did. But then there are his editing skils…Like Jad, (but unlike Jad) he has created a mood, a tone that is distinct, artful, and very him. It’s a subtle, subtle skill…(Jad is wondering what that means…it means two very sharp minds have created to very distinctly sharp sounds) Anyway, there’s all that, and then there’s the journalism, the breakthroughs in explanatory economic reporting, the investigative pieces about the Georgia judge, the Chicago guns…It’s an amazing achievement, TAL is…and it’s definitely our constant inspiration.

JA: Everything RK just said. I’m consistently envious of TAL. I still diagram TAL stories to better understand story structure. Just an amazing show. Hard to summarize.

This American Life y Radiolab están destruyendo la radio y reinventándola constantemente. Más respuesta en el AMA que hicieron hoy en Reddit.

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