Spotify vs los discos de vinilo

Damon Krukoski de los geniales Galaxie 500 nos hace los números:

If you want to know why so many bands are releasing vinyl, ponder what Damon Krukowski of Galaxie 500 and Damon & Naomi said in a Pitchfork article, “Since we own our own recordings, by my calculation it would take songwriting royalties for roughly 312,000 plays on Pandora to earn us the profit of one – one – LP sale.” Right, bands may actually want to make a few bucks from music, maybe that’s why vinyl is coming on strong, and you can’t stream an LP. Krukowski also said, “Pressing 1,000 singles in 1988 gave us the earning potential of more than 13 million streams in 2012.”

The Audiophiliac: Why Buy Music When You Can Stream It?

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